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When looking for a resource that exists in all fifty states, the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is probably your best choice. The ReStore is a non-profit that sells new and used building supplies at affordable prices.



When you invest with the thought of getting an appraisal boost, it means that you are putting money into extra living space. This could be a room addition (for a bed or a bath!), a fireplace, and so forth.




Renovation safety should be the biggest priority when it comes to DIY Home Improvement. There are three words that will help you follow the best home-improvement safety practices

Having known horror-stories about rental properties that were not well-maintained, we decided to put our fingers to the test and see if we couldn't type up an entertaining and informative DIY Home Improvement blog. 

What to understand before renovating your pool

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Giving your swimming pool a facelift is one of the best decisions. The following are some amazing ideas to help you make the most out of your pool renovation.
• Have a Priority Listpool renovation
The pool renovation estimate should be based on the important things that are needed rather than those that are desired. This will depend on your budget and the amount of money you are willing to invest in the pool renovation. For instance, you need to install new waterline pool tiles and interior pebble or plaster finish plus a highly desired outdoor kitchen. What all this means is that you have to prioritize from the most important to the least. You may a short or a long list of priority items. Whether it is a minor or major renovation it is important to have a priority list.
• Set Up an Appointment
Now that you have created your priority list the next thing is to get in-touch with a few pool renovation companies. Make sure you set up an appointment with some of them to visit your pool and inspect it. Consider several bids presented to you by the various companies. Check out the reviews of the company and ask your neighbors and friends to give you a few recommendations. Find out from them how their pool renovations went. Did they generate a lot of debris? How long was the project? Take note that not all good pool construction contractors are excellent at pool renovations.
Present your priority list during this meeting and let them know that the project shall be completed to the extent that the budget will allow. They should be able to break it down into specific items each section. Each phase of the project should be well documented whether you want to replace the tiles, build a new deck surface, fire pit or any other features.
Now that your priority list is complete and you have received the correct estimates you now need to select the best pool renovation company for the project. Use the bids to compare the interested companies. The detailed list of items and costs will provide an insight into the real cost elements. However, it is important to remember that the lowest bidder is not necessarily the best. There are several other factors that must come into consideration. Choose a company that you can work well with and you are comfortable being around since the project may take time.
• Choosing the contractor
The next vital aspect is selecting the contractor. Find out whether they are the ones who will be actually handling the project. This might seem strange but according to http://www.uvpools.com/ a lot of times most companies just bid for the project and then subcontract another company to carry out the project. If the subcontractors are good then that is fine however if they mediocre then that will a big problem. Ensure that the renovation company and their employees are bonded and have insurance. Get confirmation from the insurance company.

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Benefits of Interior Design for home Renovation

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Kitchen CabinetsThe importance of interior design during home remodeling is knowing what you will get before it is built. Nowadays the best way to fully comprehend the feel of your interior design is to view in 3-D. Instead of depending on your imagination to visualize the kitchen cabinets or living furniture you can virtually move through your home before settling on design specifications. You can change mind on design aspect as often as would like.

  • Better Informed Decisions

The quickest and most efficient way to be part of the home renovation design process is 3-D design. It allows you as the client to make informed decisions and present your alternative or better design options for your architect to actually consider.

Always ask the architect you interview for a free 3d interior design presentation to know if they work in 3d which is now an industry standard. A professional architect should be able to provide 3d design without any additional costs.

  • Experiencing the design

Visualizing the conventional 2-D floor plans and elevations is not easy. What they provide is a general view of the floor plan which does not show how the design will end up looking. Viewing and experiencing your home remodel design in 3-D will assist you to decide comfortably on the renovations.

When you meet with the architect you can see the design changes in real time which ensures that every design requirement is included and taken into account.

  • Make Instant Design Changes

The 3-D project can be viewed as multiple perspective or rendered as a fly-through video. You can sit down with the interior designer and view the 3D design room by room where you can raise questions regarding the design and make changes instantly.

After construction has started it is always good practice to stick with the design. 3-D design minimizes the need for changes during construction which not only saves money but also time. Once you fully understand how the transformation of your space is going to look like through 3-D design views the construction can go uninterrupted.

  • Cut Costs

Through 3-D design you only pay for exactly what you want. When you comprehend the design fully prior to the start of construction you considerably reduce the cost of renovations by avoiding unnecessary costs.

However, 3-D design does not replace the need for a professional interior designer for your home remodeling project. The best designs are not just computer generated, you will need to hire an expert with experience in designing and incorporating the changes in design that you require for your home remodel.


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Cost effective Roof Restoration

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For most homeowners, roof replacement is a home improvement subject they highly dread because it is pricey, however nowadays roof restoration is the most cost effective alternative. A solid and reliable roof is a critical aspect for any home, but roofs are susceptible to deterioration in the long run. To ensure the protection of your property, roofs withstands severe weather such as storms and high temperatures, therefore, it make perfect sense to invest in a durable roof with long life. Nonetheless, it is sometimes much more cost effective to do a proper roof restoration than to replace the entire roof with a new one.

Professional Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is best done by professionals. The damage on the roof as it ages may become so serious that it would have to be replaced. Nevertheless, advances in technology have led to cutting-edge engineering solutions for roof restoration that make roofs as good as new. The process of roof restoration now handles everything from damage repairs, water sealing, cleaning etc. to increase the lifespan of the roof.

Save Money!

The most beneficial thing about roof restoration for homeowners is saving money. Compared to what you would spend in buying a new roof, roof restoration is much more cost effective. You will spend less than half or three-quarters the amount you would spend on a new roof. A thorough examination of the structural damage will be carried by the experts followed by the repair or removal of roof shingles and tiles. To restore the roof back to its former glory, new materials such as tiles, coats etc. It is a great way to boost the value of your property.

Hire Experts

A professional roof restoration company will inspect and repair your roof based on the best industry practices. You will enjoy the full benefits of a fully restored roof at the most affordable cost. Professional roof restoration services are available all across the country, for instance, roof repair and restoration in Aurora is now highly sought after. The advantage of hiring professionals is that they help clients to have a better understanding of the roof restoration process and installation. Experts will develop custom solutions for your specific roof design and undertake a roof restoration project that will make your roof last even longer!

Do not wait until your roof starts to leak or worse collapses or is blown away by strong winds, get the roof inspection and restoration done in time.

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Considerations to Make Prior to a Kitchen Remodel

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Thinking of remodeling your kitchen? You are at the right place, whenever you want to embark on any kitchen remodeling exercise you have to make certain considerations. We have outlined the most important considerations to make your kitchen remodel a success.

Be Practical about your lifestyle.

Believe it or not, your kitchen remodel should match your lifestyle. Consider what you like or do not like and what would consider your habits. Most individuals have a very unrealistic picture of how their lives will change once the kitchen remodel is complete. When designing your new kitchen, be practical about your actual lifestyle and avoid fantasizing. Just because you have a new kitchen doesn’t mean you are going to acquire completely new habits.

Keep your kitchen dream wish list realistic

Ensure that you select kitchen items that are absolutely essential. For instance a pot filler faucet could cost about a thousand dollars and the same amount to install, but the real question is, how essential is it?

The kitchen remodel will take time

If you expect the kitchen remodel to be completed quickly, then you could be in for a surprise. Kitchen remodeling or renovations can go for up to 6 to 9 months. You can choose to stay during the renovations, however, if you want peace from construction noise and inconvenience you can opt to move out for a while, to hasten the remodeling process.

Wait for the Perfect Finish

When the deliveries arrive and the installation begins you must allow enough time for the work to be completed for the perfect finish. Do not be too quick to judge as you anticipate for the finish.

Kitchen Appliances are Costly

The kitchen appliances are pricey and will cost you more than you anticipate, more so for renowned brand names. There is a belief among most people that the more expensive an appliance is the better the quality! Even when they perform the same function as the affordable appliances. However, when it comes to professional cooking some of the expensive appliances are normally the best. All in all purchase professional appliances because they are durable, energy efficient, time-saving, robust, and safe with amazing designs.

Enough Counter Space

You do not have to make your kitchen remodel too grand. Stick with what is necessary, there is no need for too much stuff. A counter space of 8x4ft is more than enough, anything more than that is unnecessary.

Timeless Remodeling to Boost Resale Value

Do not just go for trendy go for a timeless kitchen remodel to boost the resale value of your property. Purchase kitchen appliances and cabinets from trusted brands even if they cost more. Buyers will associate your kitchen with quality based on these brands.

Don’t let your kitchen look Cheap!

Whatever you do, do not try to be too cheap with your kitchen remodel because it will look cheap, spend as much your kitchen deserves.

Find a great designer

Do a background check on your designer, before you enter into a contract. Make sure they have delivered on previous projects and do not be easily impressed by too many devices or smooth talks. Check out the company’s reviews, customer complaints, and pricing.

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Tips to Hiring Professional Cleaners

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cleaning-servicesOne of the most high growth industries is the home and office cleaning. Because of the low costs and minimal education requirements, there is a huge supply and demand in this business. For anyone looking to hire a professional home cleaning company, there will likely be many options available, especially if you live within urban areas. If you are finding it difficult to settle on a suitable provider, here are a few steps you can follow to narrow down to the best choice.

  • Decide on the kind of service you require

There are many services offered by cleaning providers that can vary from whole house housekeeping services to carpet and spring-cleaning services. Some providers are very sophisticated, and even come in with their own equipment and are available at all hours of the day. Narrowing down to what particular services you want can help eliminate many of your potential candidates.

  • Establish a budget

Most of us have limited resources we can expend on cleaning services. Work out what would be a reasonable amount for you to spend on these services. If it is a low amount, you may have to knock off some of the tasks you would want the cleaning company to provide, or seek a newer company that is offering much lower rates.

  • Seek out recommendations

Because of the risks involved in letting in strangers into your home, it is a good idea to choose providers who are known to either friends or family. Get recommendations from those that live in your area and pick out candidates that are most frequently mentioned. You can further review those using online resources. Look them up on independent review sites.

  • Seek quotes

Once you narrow down to a few likely prospects, seek out quotations from each one. A walk-through is often part of the evaluation meaning you get to interact with one of the supervisors. You can tell a lot form the attitude e of the supervisors and determine how thorough they are in their work. Use this, and a comparison of the quotations provided, to finally pick out the provider you will try out.

  • Review

Once the work is done, perform another walk-through with the supervisor to ensure that all that was promised has been delivered upon. The quality of work should be able to help you decide if you will continue with the provider or try the next best choice you had previously arrived at.

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